Cutting Edge Training Technology

Traditional computer-based training (CBT) is a thing of the past. From the authors of "Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems," we bring you the industry's first cyber security "Red Team vs. Blue Team" multi-player computer game (but you can call it a "training platform" if you really want to). Battle head-to-head in a revolutionary new and immersive way to learn cybersecurity, from beginners to experts. Students of all levels can even play the part of the "hacker" without the need for a technical learning curve.

Next Gen Table Top Exercises

Tired of the same old "paperwork" incident response tabletop exercises and training? Take your incident response training and tabletop exercises to the next level with the power of immersive and interactive "gamification". Keep participants engaged and entertained with stunning 3D visuals. Provide a more effective training experience automated using multi-player computer gaming technology. Import and use your own IR plan. Train like you work! Respond like you train!

Breach & Attack Simulation

"Cyber Ranges" are yesterday's technology. Bring your industrial training, exercises, and demos to the next level with our revolutionary Industrial Breach & Attack Simulation Engine (I.B.A.S.E.). Our VR ready, high fidelity process simulations provide students and viewers engaging visual feedback with stunning realism. Connect real-world digital PLCs to our simulated processes or interact with entire simulated industrial environments and network ecosystems. Our patent pending ThreatGEN I.B.A.S.E. technology is scalable, configurable, portable, light weight, and remote accessible. All without requiring virtual machines.

Industrial Cybersecurity Services

Solving the industrial cybersecurity skills gap doesn't stop with training. We build a mentorship style relationship with each of our clients, which includes advisory and consulting services in addition to our ongoing training and education programs. Few people have been doing it longer than our world-class industrial cybersecurity experts. They have helped pioneer the industrial cybersecurity industry and some would even say they wrote the book on it (because they did). Rest assured, you'll have the best in the business in your corner.

We are revolutionizing the way you learn cybersecurity!

Cyber security training is offered in a variety of formats from instructor-led training to computer-based training (CBT). People learn in different ways and there is hardly a substitute for quality instructor-led and hands-on training, but there are several downsides to these traditional training methods.

CBTs are often "dry" and boring, causing employees to rush through them. As a result, their ability to learn and retain the information presented is significantly diminished. Instructor-led training is usually time-consuming and costly, which is not optimal, or even viable in many cases, for resource-constrained organizations and individuals.

Immersive gamification and simulation offers an effective alternative that is engaging and... entertaining! You might have heard the term "gamification". However, we aren't just talking about points, badges, trivia, or even capture the flag (CTF). ThreatGEN's immersive and interactive gamification and simulation (a.k.a. "gamulation") puts the students right in the middle of a fun, engaging story-line and environment where they participate in the narrative (often in competition with other students), performing the skills and actions as they would in real life. There have been several studies conducted about the positive effectiveness and success of gamification, but we don't need studies to tell us that when we are presented with something entertaining we will naturally be more interested and engaged. Combine this fact with an immersive environment where learners are part of the action, their decisions have immediate consequences and rewards, and you have a more effective training method. This not only improves knowledge retention but learners will actually enjoy it! Because of the natural adversarial environment and consequence-based decisions, cyber security is a perfect subject for gamification.

ThreatGEN™ offers revolutionary cyber security training using the same cutting-edge gaming technology actually being used in the computer and console gaming industry! Our courses are engaging and effective, and come at a much lower cost to your time and budget. YOU WIN!


Shall We Play A Game?

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