Derezzed Inc. (dba ThreatGEN) is a veteran-owned small business based in Sugarland (Houston), TX positioned to be a pioneer in emerging technology markets such as virtual reality and augmented reality learning and gamification. Our diverse team of uniquely-skilled developers and engineers also specialize in advanced, creative solutions using bleeding-edge technologies across many industries.

Our Vision

Technological advancements in the way that we communicate, entertain, learn, and do business are increasing at an exponential rate. Think about how fast we went from rotary phones and typewriters to high-speed computers built right into mobile smart phones. Virtual reality and augmented reality technology (also called “mixed reality”) have now emerged in consumer and industrial markets over the last few years. Like most new technology, it’s still in the early stages. Much of the hardware is a bit too bulky and somewhat pricey to be practical. But like most of our current technology, that too will change. The hardware will get smaller, more powerful, and more cost-effective. As this happens, imagine the possibilities.

From a consumer perspective, social games will be played right in front of your eyes. Your physical environment is transformed into the latest tower defense battlefield. Play a game of chess on the table in front of you even though your opponent is in another country. GPS navigation paths are laid out on the road in front of you. View restaurant and shop info tagged right above the establishment as you walk by.

From an industry perspective, "gamification" is now on the bleeding edge of how curricula are now being developed and delivered due to its increased effectiveness. Add to that a more engaging and immersive environment and now learning is not only much more effective, it's entertaining as well. Gamification using VR/AR and computer gaming technology is the future of education across multiple industries.

We could go on because the possibilities are endless. Just as smart phones have replaced conventional home phones and road maps, augmented reality will eventually replace our smart phones as a normal, and relied upon, way of life.

Derezzed is working now to usher in this new age of technology, while currently providing creative entertainment and revolutionary industry solutions.

Our core expertise

  • Virtual/augmented reality,
  • Computer gaming engines,
  • 3D modeling/rendering,
  • Advanced physics process modeling and simulation,
  • Ssecurity/cybersecurity education and gamification.