We Are Your Industrial Cybersecurity Mentors

Solving the industrial cybersecurity skills gap doesn't stop with training. However, consulting only treats the problem. The job gets done but that does little, if anything, to solve your skills and knowledge gap or create a long-term solution. We find that in addition to consulting services, industrial owner/operators (and even vendors, consultants, and service providers) often just need ICS/OT specific guidance and education above all else.

Through a combination of ongoing education and advisory/support services, we are your ICS cybersecurity and risk management mentor. We work with you, side by side, providing guidance and helping you solve your immediate needs as well as create long-term solutions.

Few people have been doing it longer than our world-class industrial cybersecurity experts. They have helped pioneer the industrial cybersecurity industry, working with industrial organizations of all sizes all around the world, and some would even say they wrote the book on it (because they did). Rest assured, you'll have the best in the business in your corner.

ThreatGEN'S Industrial (ICS/OT) Cybersecurity Mentor and Advisory Services

Some of the services our ICS/OT team focuses on providing around the globe are but not limited to:

  • ICS/OT Security Program Advisory, Creation and Maintenance
  • ICS/OT Security Manager as a Service
  • ICS/OT Cyber Security
    (Risk, Threat, Vulnerability, Consequence & Impact)
  • ICS/OT Standards, Regulatory and Compliance Assessments
  • ICS/OT Cyber Security Penetration Testing
  • ICS/OT Systems Security Engineering & Security Architecture
    (Including FAT, SAT, Commissioning)
  • ICS/OT Security R&D and Thought Leadership
  • Community Outreach & Educational Programs
  • ICS/OT Security Manager as a Service


We "wrote the book" on ICS cybersecurity!